Some part of me still cannot register the fact A) that I am actually here and B) that I've only been here since Friday night at midnight.  However, the amount of Turkish I know kind of points out to most people that I haven't been here long.  
  When I arrived Friday night, four people were waiting for me in the airport with balloons, signs, and a bouquet of flowers the size of my torso.  I might have been extremely tired and a little bit stressed out from traveling for at least 24 straight hours and then loosing two of my bags, but I was so happy to see them.  We all hugged and did the Turkish kissy-kissy thing, I attempted to speak Turkish, they laughed, Elif started speaking perfect English to me, and then we headed home (evde).  
   I stayed awake long enough to meet the cat, who's name translates into English as Almond, have some tea, recive a tour of the apartment, and watch a little bit of a Turkish soap opera.  I didn't wake up until 4:00 pm the next day when I discovered that the bags I was missing had all of my clothing. AKA all my underwear. 
   So the next day, wearing the underwear I've had on since I borded the plane at MBS, I went with Elif and Anne to watch the hockey practice in downtown Ankara.  Getting there was quite an adventure because my Anne is a crazy driver; but then again, so are all Turks.  When we got to the ice rink,  I met a lot of excited, sweaty, happy Turkish people with names I cannot pronounce who hugged me, fed me chocolate, and kissed my face.  Tomorrow I will start training with them at 8:50 am and stay in a hotel with the team for five days before they head out to Austria for a week.  Apparently, the last time the Turkish team played Austria, they lost 15-0 - which sounds just like all the other hockey teams I've ever played for.  
   I think I'll fit in just fine here.   
Blarb : )
9/11/2011 09:21:22 am

Glad you are getting acclimated there. Hope you are having fun so far and enjoying your time. Miss you and love you.


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